What a Crock!: Apricot Riblets

I think we can all agree that ribs can be messy. Make them bite-sized, and you get the taste without the mess. It’s also easy finger food for the youngsters.

Cut boneless pork strips into 2-inch sections and they become riblets quite easily. At some stores, they are called boneless country-style ribs. They may be labeled as pork strips at others.

This is quite a versatile recipe as well. Use it as an appetizer if you desire or a main meal as needs call for. Ribs are exceptional in the slow cooker, whether full-sized or bite-sized.

Want a different flavor? Try blackberry, raspberry or the apricot jelly I used.

The base of the sauce can change as you like. If you have a divided cooker or perhaps you have two, make a different flavor base with each and provide a choice.

The garlic-pepper seasoning is a particularly good accent flavor, so feel free to be a bit more liberal if desired.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. Email her at juliekay1@cox.net.