Eat Your Vegetables: Fletcher Miller’s Potato Salad

If you like a vinegary potato salad, you’ll love the recipe Fletcher Miller’s Potato Salad. The late Chet Beckwith knew I liked potato salad, and he would sometimes share a small bowl of this with me when he made it. The recipe is in Beckwith’s cookbook “Too Good to Be True.”

In the book, he tells a funny story about having to pay the husband of one of his good sales staff $10 for the recipe. He said, “It was $10 well spent” because he made “the potato salad a jillion times and gave it away almost as many times.”

He lists definite instructions, times and tips for making this potato salad. I prepare it exactly as the book states, and I agree that the recipe was well worth the price.

The recipe calls for using 5 pounds of new potatoes, but Beckwith gave instructions for halving the recipe.

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