What a Crock!: Consider convenience of stir-fry dishes

Stir-fry dishes are convenient, especially if you have leftover slow-cooked meat, pork or poultry.

They’re what I call “Crock to Wok” recipes, but there are also other recipes with an Asian flair that can be wonderfully cooked in the slow cooker.

Both are easy, but using the slow cooker means coming home to an already cooked meal, one that smells divine as you walk through the door. That’s a comfort any day.

Round steak can be cut into strips and marinated easily the night before; the same goes for chopping or slicing veggies.

For those of you new to slow cooking, the more you do ahead of time, the more prep time you cut in the morning.

Marinating also gives the meat a boost on the flavor scale when it comes to just about any method of cooking, including the slow cooker. There’s also no reason why your food shouldn’t look pretty.

There’s a color factor here that definitely adds to the eye appeal.

Want more?

Add fresh pineapple, strips of bell pepper or other extras that make it pop.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.