What a Crock! Serve slow-cooked bison

Nearing the end of chemotherapy, Ken Smalley is one of the many cancer patients trying to eat healthier as he goes through his treatments. It’s also a time when comfort food never tastes so good, possibly because of the memories the food brings with it.

For many, roast is the ultimate comfort food, going back to the days when our mothers or grandmothers would put out the Sunday spread.

Smalley, wanting to go for a healthier version, decided to try bison in order to get the meat as lean as possible.

Just as his mother used to do, he made a gravy out of cream of mushroom soup (use the low-fat version) and onions and served it over egg noodles. He said he very much enjoyed the result.

He also liked the convenience of his new slow cooker, which meant dinner was ready when he felt like eating it.

The roast and gravy will freeze well, providing another meal for a day when one doesn’t feel like cooking.

Bison can be found at Whole Foods.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.