Moonshine trivia

A “tanker car” was a high-performance automobile, often a 1940 Ford with a supercharged Caddy engine and big trunk, that was used to evade reveneurs.

The term “bootlegger” was coined in colonial times, when moonshiners hid bottles in their tall riding boots.

The “foreshot” is the first few ounces that drip from a still’s condenser.

Glenn Dunnaway won the first NASCAR race by three laps with a former moonshine car, a 1947 Ford. But he was later disqualified for making illegal modifications. Judges figured out the car’s chassis had been shored up by spreading the rear springs, a favorite trick of bootleggers looking to improve traction and handling.

“Lead burns red and makes you dead” refers to the color of a reddish flame produced when lead-tainted moonshine is set on fire in a spoon to test for quality.

A basic moonshine fermentation “mash” contains grain, water, sugar and yeast.

In moonshine lingo, the term “catdaddy” means the best of the best.

Moonshine season lasts from June to October, the time of the corn harvest and when foliage is thick enough to hide illegal stills.

Cynthia L. Nobles