What a Crock! Crawfish Corn Soup

Roberta Serrett brags about husband Jeffrey’s cooking, whether it be the game they have in their freezer, or the Crawfish Corn Soup they both make for any number of occasions.

They do differ, however, in making the recipe, depending on who prepares it. Roberta Serrett loves tomatoes. Jeffrey Serrett, not at all.

The ingredient that sneaks in, on occasion, is Ro-tel tomatoes, but only if Jeffrey isn’t making the soup.

When the soup won the people’s choice award at the BancorpSouth Insurance Services/Wright and Percy “Easy Crockin’ Cook-off” recently, it had tomatoes.

“Please put that as optional, very optional, or my husband will be upset,” she said when discussing the recipe.

Either way, Serrett said she and her husband often use their large slow cooker.

“We have seven people living in our household, so large works well,” she said. In addition, “My husband is a big hunter and that requires a long cook time.”

The soup, a tasty, creamy rendition, is a great way to utilize those crawfish tails a lot of people have in their freezers, she said.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.