Beef Ribs With Rib Rub

Beef Ribs With Rib Rub

Serves 5 to 8. Recipe is by Bryant Thibodeaux, of Baton Rouge, who said his rub can be used on either beef or pork ribs.

1 bottle Ponzu soy sauce by Kikkoman

8 to 10 beef ribs, prepped and trimmed

½ cup brown sugar

1⁄3 cup blend of ½ kosher salt and ½ black pepper

1⁄3 cup paprika

1⁄3 cup granular garlic

1⁄3 cup Emeril’s Essence seasoning

Barbecue Sauce (see recipe)

1. Sprinkle enough Ponzu soy sauce over meat to coat. Mix all dry ingredients together and rub on all sides of meat until thoroughly coated.

2. Cook at 275 degrees on grill in indirect heat. Thibodeaux uses the Big Green Egg ceramic grill. When internal meat temperature reaches 190 degrees (about 2.5 hours), baste with Barbecue Sauce. Ribs will be ready in 3 to 3 1/2 hours on indirect heat.

Note: Thibodeaux removes the membrane off the back of the ribs. “It makes the ribs more tender and lets the seasoning soak in,” he said.

Barbecue Sauce

1 (18-oz.) bottle Kraft Sweet, Thick, and Spicy Brown Sugar Sauce, or your favorite.

2 tbls. Ponzu soy sauce

2 tbls. Worcestershire sauce

2 tbls. brown sugar

1 tbl. garlic pepper

1 tbl. McCormick’s Brown Sugar Bourbon Grill Mate Spice

Whisk ingredients together in a saucepan. Put on low heat and simmer for 3 minutes until the sugar has melted. Use for basting and/or for serving with the grilled meat.