What a Crock! Soups in summer

Just because it’s summer, don’t forget how good a bowl of homemade soup can be, especially for an easy dinner or a soup and salad lunch.

People often discard soups in the dreaded heat we deal with in summer months, but it can be just the thing that soothes the spirit on busy days when heavier meals don’t set especially well.

It’s also a freezer staple and a good way to get protein, fiber and veggies in our diet. Seasoning packets, such as the taco mix used in this recipe, are a good way to add extra flavoring. Soup is a great take-along meal for vacation travel. Just freeze ahead of time, throw it in a small cooler with ice and cold drinks, and pull it out after a long day of driving. It’s good to have at least one meal already done for quick nourishment.

Picky eaters? Sometimes, it’s all in a name. Perhaps, they might be more likely to try it if, for example, you tell them it’s Taco Soup.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.