What a Crock!: Daydream Dessert

Have you ever just made a list of your favorite ingredients and dreamed a recipe to go along with them? It’s a fun exercise and good for a day when you’re tired of the same old things.

Desserts are the place to start. When one thinks of fun recipes, desserts have to rank near the top, right? My fun ingredients of the day included apples, coconut, nuts (preferably almonds), brown sugar and butter. Oh, don’t forget the whipped cream or ice cream. Fun means there had better not be a lot of trouble, either.

The slow cooker is good for a lot of things, but at its best with just throwing ingredients in. This one doesn’t take long and is a wonderfully quick sweet at the end of a long day. Just give it a couple of hours and it’s done.

Pick up a package of individual sponge cakes, the kind our mothers used to put fresh strawberries in for a quick shortcake. Put a dollop of ice cream in it and spoon the slow-cooked apples and accompanying ingredients over it. Garnish with extra almonds if desired and it will be gone before the ice cream melts.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.