What a Crock!: Berry Apple Punch

Christmas traditions change from family to family, house to house, and generation to generation.

They change as children grow up, move away and start their own traditions.

The gathering of friends and family over food will probably never change and that’s a good thing, especially in Louisiana.

What we serve may change over time, but the enjoyment of the wafting smells doesn’t. While we wait for the main meal, appetizers and drinks take center stage.

Here’s an easy hot punch for the holidays and one that will fill your household with holiday cheer with its simmering flavors.

A hot wassail or punch is just the thing to warm the body and jump start the spirit.

This is also a great drink to let guests serve themselves directly from the slow cooker.

Once it has thoroughly warmed, shift it to the warm setting if you have one on your cooker.

If not, just keep on low and make sure there’s a ladle nearby.

From our holiday traditions to yours, Merry Christmas to all.