What a Crock! for Feb. 23, 2012

Laura Clapper, who lives in Indiana, spent the past year as a vegan, a New Year’s resolution that presented challenges on occasion, but put her in touch with a number of nutritious foods and interesting recipes.

She has decided to continue her healthy lifestyle, while making exceptions so when she travels to places, such as Louisiana, she can experience local cuisine.

While there are more vegan and vegetarian cookbooks on the market today, lots of cooks choose to invent their own or adapt favorite recipes. Most do really well in the slow cooker.

Start with the produce markets or vegetable sections of local supermarkets. Pick a day when supermarkets have restocked and veggies are extra fresh.

The change of seasons offers new selections for any recipe of choice. Vegetarian Chili is one such recipe. Change some of the ingredients and the recipe will still be tasty, just different. Cooks can even add meat if so desired.