Patricia Gannon: Allons à Lafayette

Was this fun or what? Shining Light Foundation packed them in at Vermilionville for a little zydeco fais do-do only no one went to sleep, that’s for sure. Raising funds for children’s academic, cultural and personal enrichment, the nonprofit had a play list a mile long and even managed to get accordioniste extraordinaire Roddy Romero to fly down from Canada. If you haven’t heard him sing “Big Mamou,” then you need to. Doing what Acadiana does best was zydeco dance legend John Sullivan, zydeco trouble Curley Taylor and Corey Ledet, Brandon Delafosse of Wayne Singleton & Same Ol’ Two Step, Storie Gonsoulin of Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners, Kabby Deblieux, Byron Reyes, Tony Moore, Rebecca Ferrante, Doris Theall and board members Carolyn French, Cheryl Evans, Mike Huber and Sandra Wilcox. Like Bayou 106.7’s Eric White said, “When you cross the basin, everything changes.”

Follow this link to see the photos.

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