Patricia Gannon: King Gabriel’s luncheon

King Gabriel’s luncheon

There can be only one — King of Carnival Dr. Richard Bourgeois wined and dined select guests at his traditional Cajundome Convention Center luncheon. The Greater Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Association was out in force, as this event marks the beginning of His Majesty’s ascent to the throne on Tuesday. You know it’s official when royal photographer Jay Faugot is there, and making sure corsages were straight were mothers and maids Caroline Schoeffler, Amelia Zepernick, Sheila Zepernick, Ashley Roth, Gerilyn Roth, Eleanor Cook and Nannett Cook, and worker bees Mimi Francez and Anita Saitta. Queen Evangeline Elizabeth Koke carried a purse given to her by the king, and we have it on good authority her ball gown is embellished with stones taken from the dress worn by her mother as Queen Evangeline XXIX. The king wears the crown and scepter handed down from his father, King Gabriel XXVIII.

Queen Xanadu bids farewell

Queen Xanadu Lori Landry bid adieu to her court and ladies at an elegant Petroleum Club luncheon. Held on the heels of the Xanadu Ball to accommodate her out-of-town guests, it was the queen’s last official duty before retiring for the Mardi Gras season. “It’s been a dream come true,” said Landry, after a bluesy “One for My Baby, One More for the Road” serenade by Carrie Leonard. “Today is all about gratitude.” Many lobster salads later there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when husband David Landry got up to address the room with guy support provided by Xanadu King Darryl Myers. Bidding the queen a fond farewell also were court muses and calendar girls Barbara Richard, Joan Moody, Sandra Laboeuf and Cindy Cobb, ball Captain Sandy Huval, Dianne Carlisle, Susan Moncrieff, Larayne Guidroz and Debbie Mills.

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