Francophiles ‘Walk, Pose, Shoot’ their 10th anniversary Parisian runway show

Urban chic

A mademoiselle is desperately trying to explain to her American fiancé the lure of Paris as they walk the Champs Élysées … the food, the art, the language and the fashion, especially the fashion.

That is how the Francophilia Foundation opened its 10th anniversary model search and Parisian-style runway show, “Walk, Pose, Shoot,” Thursday at Baton Rouge’s Renaissance Hotel. Fifteen Francophiles dug deep into their closets to create “urban chic” ensembles most likely to be spotted in the fashion capital of the world.

As foundation artistic director Jean Xavier Brager explained, the purpose of the foundation — and the show — is to pay tribute to the connection between France and Louisiana.

“It’s about laying the groundwork for meaningful connections and providing a pretext for a conversation between the various arts,” said Brager, who teaches French and film at LSU.

The runway show was the culmination of a day filled with lectures on French haute couture, photo shoots with professional photographers Lawles Bourque and Tate Tullier, rehearsals, and hair and makeup with stylists from Paris Parker Salon. There was a $500 prize at the end for the most promising model, Caroline Keenan.

Her fellow models included Alexander Biglane, Mauriel Brien, Richard Brien, Anitra Connor, Stephanie Cronan, Carolyn David, Courtney Farnet, Jesse Guillory, Monet du Plessis, Ashlyn Lanford, Jade Prejean, Emily Roy, Caroline Smith and Nicole Stephens.

Judges, along with Berger and the two photographers, were Annette Mire Ambeau, Bri Esposito, Chelsea Norris and Meghan Rolfs.