Candy Cane Lane

Candy Kane D’Armond came with a ready-made Christmas theme — her maiden name.

And, as you might have guessed, her entire home, including eight Christmas trees, is decorated with candy canes both inside and out.

From the moment you step inside the front gate, you are in what she calls Candy Cane Lane.

“When we moved into this house 19 years ago, I started the candy cane theme,” says D’Armond, who is still collecting and decorating. “Wherever there is a candy cane, I’m going to get it.”

The welcoming front entrance is swathed with red-and-white striped mesh entwined with giant lollipops and red balls, creating a backdrop for giant candy canes in brick planters and a pottery jar.

In the living room, a North Pole Village stakes out the bookcase, while mesh ribbon, giant lollipops and candy canes play across the mantel. And, of course, there’s the tree — 8 feet tall with a candy cane ladder and Santas holding candy canes.

The dining room is set up for a Christmas tea D’Armond hosts for friends during the holidays. One of her most cherished items is a book she has kept since 1972 filled with holiday sentiments from anyone who visits during the season.

Candy canes entwined with greenery decorate the dining room chandelier, and there’s a Christmas tree with a candy cane skirt. The chairs are wrapped in Santa covers, and the breakfront is filled with Christmas china in different patterns.

The guest room is decorated in red-and-green tartan plaid for the D’Armond grandchildren — Anne D’Armond, 12, daughter of Chad and Lauren D’Armond, who live in Terrytown, and Austin D’Armond, 15, and Madi D’Armond, 13, children of Blaine and Brandy D’Armond, of Round Rock, Texas. There’s also a Christmas tree filled with ornaments Candy D’Armond made 48 years ago. It was her first Christmas project. The laundry room is a tribute to Thomasina, D’Armond’s beloved cat who appeared at her home on Christmas Eve 1990 and shortly thereafter produced three babies — Larry, Curly and Moe.

Even though Thomasina died in 2010, her little area is fixed up with some of her Christmas things.

“Her tree is in the laundry room where she slept,” says D’Armond, who volunteers for Cat Haven.

While she loves decorating for all holidays, Christmas is her absolute favorite.

“I do it all by myself,” says D’Armond, who spends four full days setting everything up. Many of the ornaments and all of the bows are handmade.

She is always finished before Thanksgiving.

“I do it early because my grandchildren don’t always come for Christmas,” she says, “but they often do for Thanksgiving.”

D’Armond says she got her love of Christmas from her father, the late Herbert Kane, known by everyone as “Sugar” Kane.

Her mother’s name was Elisabeth, but everyone called her Cookie.

D’Armond confesses her name is Elisabeth, too.

“But no one ever calls me by my real name,” she says. “They were all nicknames, which we always went by.”

D’Armond’s husband, Lance, helps with some of the decorating, and says he has to keep moving at this time of the year.

“If I stand still long enough,” he says, “I would get decorated, too.”