Fashion discovery Local designer Anthony Ryan Auld inspired by history

How would fashion look if “Christopher Columbus never sailed the ocean blue in 1492?”

That’s the question Baton Rouge designer Anthony Ryan Auld explores in his 2014 spring collection shown at the New Orleans Museum of Art during New Orleans Fashion Week.

“Everything is embroidered,” explained Auld in a post-show interview. “There’s not a lot of color … it all has a gray tonal feeling. I guess I like the crisp feeling of the gray, but I didn’t want to cheapen the Native American look.”

Auld said he always wanted to do a Native American look “because I’m part Cherokee.”

Last Monday’s show in New Orleans was the third stop in what’s been a hectic few weeks for the “Project Runway All Stars” winner. He started out in New York helping to cast the fall season of “Project Runway.”

He also met with Nine West to discuss the capsule collection he’ll design as part of his All Stars win. “I’m going to do a handbag collection for fall 2014,” said Auld, who also met with editors at Marie Claire magazine.

From there, Auld headed to St. Louis Fashion Week, where he showed with fellow “Project Runway All Stars” alums Joshua McKinley, Cassanova, Laura Kathleen and Michael Drummond.

Auld’s 2014 collection will be on sale online in conjunction with Auld’s trunk show kicking off an exhibition of his designs at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum on Jan. 18.