Duck family talks about life

To promote their new project with artist Michael Hunt, Phil and Kay Robertson, along with son Alan, sat down recently at the family home in West Monroe, put the phone call from The Advocate “on speaker,” and visited for a while, as Southerners say. The conversation swung from duck calls to “Duck Dynasty,” house hunting to hairstyles, Si to stardom, God to good cooking.

Alan Robertson

“I’m fully capable and able to handle my brothers in a war of wit.”

“I meet a lot of fans now who didn’t know I existed. They didn’t know there was a fourth son.”

“We’re quite the media magnet now.”

“Most people wouldn’t know that Si (Robertson, his uncle) is really shy.”

Kay Robertson

“It has all my memories.” (on keeping the same modest home after becoming millionaires).

“I’m not bragging but everybody says I’m a good cook.”

“They let me shop (the grocery store) after they close. If not, I have to plan on people wanting to take pictures. I have to do my hair (which she’s wearing straight now) and makeup.”

“You have to fight for your marriage (of the rocky, early years of their marriage). If he’d had a beard back then, I would have pulled it out. He found the Lord, and I’m glad I fought for my marriage. And I’m glad that America gets to see our family every week on TV.”

Phil Robertson

“I told Miss Kay, I said, ‘Listen I can either teach school,’ I do have a master’s degree, ‘or,’ I said, ‘I can go down and fish the river commercially, the Ouachita River, and catch buffalo (fish) and catfish and sell them and we’ll survive, and I’ll get this duck call on the market,’ and I said, ‘Good times will come your way.’ I never realized at the time, my old college buddies would come down here and they’d say, ‘Robertson.’ I’d pull up in my boat and they’d say, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Well, I’m fishing the river here boys, selling these catfish 70 cents a pound on the cat, 30 cents a pound on the buffalo, I said I’m knocking out about $250 a week. They told me later than when they’d leave, they’d say, ‘You talk about an idiot.’ Well, 35 years later their hair turned a little gray and when they would run up on me then they’d say, ‘Robertson, we figured out something. We used to say you were an idiot, but in 35 short years, we’ve now concluded that you’re a genius.’”

“We started with humble beginnings, very humble.”

“There’s an old saying in the South that every once in a while you run up on guys and they’re like a lost ball in the high weeds, you know what I’m saying? Si (Robertson, his brother) is like a lost ball in the high weeds. Amazingly, as it turned out, shocker of shockers, he’s the star of the show.”

“I didn’t repent until I was 28, and turned to Jesus. Miss Kay was glad to see me repent. Nothing good happened before I repented. So once I had a clear head and I had my faith intact, that’s when I said, ‘I think I’m going to build this duck call, and find me a place on the river.’ I’m not discounting divine intervention. We’re staying the course on that.’”