Southern’s Ed Pratt losing weight, looking good

Editor’s note: Ed Pratt, a columnist for The Advocate and assistant to the chancellor for media relations at Southern University, started his journey in January to lose 50 pounds this year. Here’s the latest update on how he’s doing.

The journey to better health and a little weight loss has been tough. Just when I thought everything was going great, I would have one of those holiday weekends that puts lost pounds back on.

Since Jan. 1 of this year I have been involved in a nutrition program at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. I was part of the control group, but nonetheless it kept me focused on my healthier 2013.

I have drastically reduced my intake of carbohydrates, eaten in moderation and increased my walking regimen. It has paid off — not as much as wanted, but to a point where I am somewhat pleased with the outcome.

So here is what the scale shows: I started the year at 253 pounds. I am now at 231 pounds. Hallelujah! My goal has been a loss of 50 pounds by the end of the year. That will be tough, but it is still a possibility.

If you look at the comparison photos accompanying this story, you will see the marked difference. That’s the outward change. Inside, I do feel a sense of accomplishment.

Do I feel better health wise? I think I do.

My blood pressure is great. My energy level is crazy. I haven’t gotten the urge to run a few miles yet, but I am thinking about building up to a few miles a day.

The question rolling around in my head is whether I can continue this forever. I don’t know. But, I’ll give it a try.