Decorating made easy

We are all about effortless ideas here, so when we saw Leslie’s dazzling display, we asked her to tell us how she did it. What’s your easy-peasy decorating ideas? Show us at

About a year ago I discovered a box of my grandmother’s handkerchiefs in a closet at my parents’ house and immediately decided to rescue them from obscurity.

The box then sat in a closet at my house for another year while I tried to figure out what to do with them.

I mean, I like the idea of being crafty — I just seem to lack the necessary skill set. Fortunately, my decorating/design style falls somewhere in the “casual/eclectic/thrown-together” spectrum, so this particular project was perfect.

A friend gave me the idea and I literally spent less than two minutes laying them out — alternating between plain hankies and colorful ones — and used mini-clothespins to attach them to some twine.

(I usually have twine and clothespins handy — I’m fancy that way — but they are available at most dollar stores).

I used thumbtacks (again — fancy!) to attach the twine to my kitchen window, and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.

It would be pretty easy (even for me) to hand stitch them to the twine, but I like the flexibility of this project and the fact that no hankies were harmed!

I love the vintage, Southern-lady whimsy it adds to my kitchen window.

— Leslie Martin Young