STYLE FILE: Symil LeDoux

Symil LeDoux, executive director of the American Cancer Society.
Symil LeDoux, executive director of the American Cancer Society.

NAME: Symil LeDoux

AGE: 36

OCCUPATION: Executive director of the American Cancer Society

Tell us about what you’re wearing. “A fitted tweed suit jacket with bell-shaped sleeves, black slacks with a black cami and black alligator heels.”

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten? “You don’t have to match the color of your belt and shoes … it’s fun to be flexible!!”

What’s your favorite fashion trend right now? “Color blocking.”

Finish these sentences. I splurge on ... “I splurge on shoes and boots.”

I skimp on … “I don’t exactly skimp on anything; I’m more of an avid bargain shopper.”

Are you a shoe or handbag kind of woman? “Shoes.”

How many pairs do you own? “Dare I say …”

Name a celebrity whose closet you’d like to raid. “Kerry Washington of ABC’s ‘Scandal.’ Her style is unforgettable.”

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without? “My Sharmooz pillowcase.”

What was your worst fashion mistake? “A pair of fuchsia pants I wore in the ’80s.”

Your house is on fire and you can grab only one thing out of your closet; what would it be? “My favorite pair of flip-flops … I need something on my feet!!”

Pam Bordelon

Advocate staff writer