“Pop Quiz” column for Dec. 26, 2012

Each week The Advocate asks a different “quiz taker” for his or her current favorites in pop culture.

QUIZ TAKER: Kaylee Hartung, 27, host and reporter for ESPN’s Longhorn Network. The Baton Rouge native can be seen interviewing players and coaches on the sidelines for the Valero Alamo Bowl (5:45 p.m. Saturday on ESPN) and the Heart of Dallas Bowl (11 a.m. Tuesday on ESPNU).

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: “At heart, growing up in Baton Rouge, I am definitely a lover of country music. But right now I am on a Grace Potter kick. I saw her perform in Austin — you know Austin is well-known for its live music — I saw her perform at a venue here a couple of weeks ago.”

WHAT I’M READING: “I am a daily New York Times reader. I just bought a book that (former boss at CBS News) Bob Schieffer recommended to me on my iPad called “Fooling Houdini” by Alex Stone. I just bought it yesterday, and I look forward to starting it.”

WHAT I’M WATCHING:“I just saw ‘Skyfall.’ That was the last movie I saw in theaters, the new James Bond movie. I’m a ‘SportsCenter’ watcher, no surprise. ‘Homeland’ — so devastated the season just came to an end.”

WHERE I’M SURFING (ON THE INTERNET): “For me (the New York Times) is on my iPad. ESPN.com, Bleacher Report — I really like their website — and, honestly, a lot of Texas-centric websites, considering how involved I am in covering University of Texas athletics.”

WHAT’S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE?“Probably a couple of television shows I would add to that earlier list. I would add ‘Revenge’ and ‘Scandal.’e_SDRq


You were named one of “The 40 Hottest College Football Reporters” by the Bleacher Report website. As a serious journalist, what did you think?

“I was very surprised. I actually had no idea. It wasn’t the kind of thing where they contacted me and asked for a photo or comment or anything. I had one of my guy friends from college call me one day, like, ‘Oh, check this out.’ I really got a kick out of it when I saw the completely embarrassing photo (dressed up in Native American garb and standing next to actor Woody Harrelson) that they used of me in that. I got a kick out it. I thought it was funny.”


Were you always a sports fan?

“Are you kidding me? In Baton Rouge, I don’t think you really have a choice. I loved it.”

Kyle Peveto

Advocate staff writer

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