Auld stays near top on ‘Runway’

Creating an androgynous avant-garde look for both a female and male model proved to be quite a challenge to Anthony Ryan Auld and his fellow “Project Runway All Stars II” designers.

“When they brought in the male models we all freaked,” he confessed. “We thought we were going to have to put the garment (which they’d already sketched for their female models and purchased fabric for) on them. We definitely were not expecting this.”

Everything calmed down when show host Carolyn Murphy told the designers they had an extra day and an extra $500 to spend at Mood, the fabric store made famous by the ‘Project Runway’ series. “I had fun with it,” said Auld during a weekly update phone call. “It was a fun challenge.”

And, while he didn’t win, Auld was once again in the top three and received glowing comments from the judges. “Anthony Ryan,” exclaimed Isaac Mizrahi, “You’re so good every week!”

“It’s very wearable,” guest judge Robert Rodriguez said of Auld’s his-and-her creations.

“He’s got a taste level we’ve come to expect,” said Georgina Chapman as the judges, which also included guest judge Jason Wa, deliberated who would win and who would get sent home.

“Carolyn Murphy is a model, so she knows style and fit,” Auld said. “The rest know construction … design. When someone like that gives you constructive criticism, you listen.”

Just as Auld has become a favorite with the judges, he’s also a huge hit with fans. #TeamAnthonyRyan has 70,992 votes, 42 percent of all votes case and 20 percent more than second-place fan favorite Casanova.

The challenge was won by Emilio Sosa, which now ties him with Auld at two wins each. Kayne Gillaspie got sent home at the end of this challenge even though Auld said he and Casanova are two of the best technical sewers among all the competing designers. “You’d think there would be an advantage there, but really it just comes down to a taste level. If you’ve got the vision, you can get someone to sew it for you. That’s where manufacturing comes into play, but you’ve got to have the vision and the idea.”

And what about Casanova’s relationship with Ivy Higna? “In the end it’s just going to hurt whoever’s left, because they aren’t going to have the other one to help them out,” Auld said. “Ivy’s played the game well; off camera she’s the same as she won during her season. Josh (McKinney) and I are friends … I might sew a snap on for him but we make sure that’s a line we never cross.”

So, since Sosa won last’s week challenge will he be in charge of time keeping and the trip to Mood for this Thursday’s green challenge, which airs on Lifetime TV (cable Channel 26) at 8 p.m.? There seems to be a pattern with this responsibility.

“No they pick randomly,” replied Auld, laughing. “In the beginning we were all paranoid about who they picked. Peach (Car) was first and she went home first; Andrae (Gonzalo) did it and he went home.”

For Thursday’s challenge, Murphy takes the gang to the High Line, an above ground section of abandoned New York City subway that has been turned into a walking garden that is a pet project of guest judge Diane Von Furstenberg. It has them using specially dyed fabrics. Auld said there’s also a “little bit of conflict.”