Auld’s aerosol dress a success

In the promos for Thursday night’s “Project Runway: All Stars II” interactive challenge episode, which airs on Lifetime TV (Cable channel 26) at 8, Baton Rouge designer Anthony Ryan Auld gets a little emotional. “Let’s just say this episode is very personal to me.”

But last week, Auld was all smiles as he came in a close second in the “Up Your Aerosol” challenge Nov. 8. He was beaten out by Emilio Sosa.

The designers were taken to a graffiti-covered warehouse, termed “aerosol art” here, and challenged to take spray paint to silk or cotton fabric, and create a work of wearable art. Three of the world’s top aerosol artists — Meres One, Sen2 and Zimad — were on hand to share their expertise.

“It’s amazing what they can do with a can of spray paint,” said Auld, who started off majoring in graphic arts at LSU before switching to fashion. “When we walked up and it was this monstrous building covered in graffiti, I thought to myself this is going to be so cool.”

The challenge for the designers to create their own print also reminded him of the Hewlett Packard challenge during his “Project Runway” Season 9. “Only they stepped it up to see if you do a little more creatively,” added Auld.

“It was a fun challenge and from a print perspective, I was real happy with the result,” he explained. “I wasn’t going to try and go overboard. I wanted something I could work with in case something went wrong.

“It read really well on the runway,” Auld said. “If you look at mine and the rest, it clearly stood out. I added more depth on top using fabric paint I got at Mood. The (guest judge Jeffrey Costello) said it was youthful and I took that as a complement; it’s what I wanted … something airy and light, and something that was very wearable.”

Specifically, judge Georgina Chapman told Auld, “I’m always struck by your proportion. It’s always dead on.” Judge Carolyn Murphy loved the “cut out in the back” and Isaac Mizrahi thought the design was “divine.”

Auld did agree with the judges decision to send fellow designer Suede home after this challenge. Suede, Kayne Gillaspie and Laura Kathleen were the bottom three. “Laura Kathleen’s was not that bad,” said Auld. “I personally liked it except I thought the fabric was muddy.”

And Kane and Laura Kathleen don’t refer to themselves in the third person do they? “Noooo,” laughed Auld. And it appears the relationship between Ivy Higna and Laura Kathleen is getting rockier and rockier. “You assume right.”