Mi Padre’s has reasons to brag

Prime location, high-quality dishes among best qualities

With its prime location at the corner of Bluebonnet and Perkins, the family-owned Mi Padre’s could perhaps have counted on being successful by merit of address alone.

It’s nice that the restaurant delivers high-quality dishes, instead of relying on “location, location, location.”

Among Mi Padre’s bragging points are tortillas made by hand, fajitas created over a mesquite-burning grill and margaritas made from freshly squeezed limes.

For a weekday group lunch, we enjoyed five of the restaurant’s entrées: the papacito salad ($8.99); grilled fresh fish with vegetables ($12.99); tamale plate ($8.99); chicken quesadilla ($8.99) and chicken fajita wrap ($8.99).

The papacito salad of cold and crisp lettuce topped with juicy, well-seasoned chicken and plenty of grated cheese was excellent. The guest asked for a lime vinaigrette dressing that added a nice zing. (The salad’s usual, “comes with” dressing is avocado ranch, which also sounds delicious).

I’m looking forward to ordering the grilled fresh fish with vegetables again. The tender tilapia, served on a sizzling skillet, was well seasoned and served with a small dish of melted butter for dipping. Along with the fresh fish came grilled slices of zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.

The dish also offered rice and beans and fresh, homemade tortillas, but I enjoyed the fish by fork — so easy to get to the melted butter!

A third entrée, the tamale plate, was deemed perfect for a satisfying lunch. Two large tamales, steamed in cornhusk wrapping, were handmade with a moist, corn masa dough and filled with spicy beef.

The small amount of flavorful red chili sauce served as a side wasn’t enough to cover the tamales, but more was brought out on request. The dish also came with sides of traditional Mexican rice and beans.

The quesadilla featured well-seasoned bits of chicken and melted cheese pressed between two flour tortilla halves, cut into sections for easy manuevering. An ample amount of sour cream and fresh pico de gallo was served on the side. A nice, not-overly-filling lunch choice.

We simply couldn’t do dessert that day, but Mi Padre’s offers fried ice cream, flan and sopapillas, each for $4.50.

The restaurant offers a dinner menu and has a location in Prairieville, as well, at 37460 Ultima Plaza Blvd.