Customers call sandwich shots at Pita Pit

The Pita Pit joins the many other new restaurants trying to appeal to the college crowd in the polished up business area just outside the north gates of LSU.

Fresh and new, the small restaurant with the candy-apple green colored walls with added brushed aluminum features to give it a contemporary feel, also boasts LSU paraphernalia and the ever-present flat-screen television sets.

The long, narrow building has a few tables and long counter seating with stools along a wall of windows looking out at the covered tables available outside.

For a small restaurant, they offer a large selection of sandwich fillings, on white or wheat pitas, or you can skip the bread and create a salad. You order at the counter and walk down the line watching as the cooks work the large grill and your large pocket of bread being expertly filled and flipped as you pick which extras you want for your meal. Having to make so many choices on the fly makes some people feel rushed and it often takes a couple of visits to settle on the extras you prefer.

We tried the gyro ($6.80) which has wide slices of Mediterranean-seasoned beef and added feta, romaine and tomatoes. The meat was well seasoned and tender and while not the “real thing” this was well received.

We also had the chicken Caesar ($6.95), chopped grilled chicken breast with smoky bacon and romaine lettuce topped with Caesar dressing. We added tomatoes and enjoyed this sandwich.

The prime rib ($7.15) featured tender beef and came with grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers. All we added (and was needed) to this sandwich was cheddar cheese.

To the chicken sauvlaki, ($7.15), a pita featuring greek-seasoned chicken, we added romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta, with tzatziki sauce on top. With all the added extras this sandwich was good and filling.

College students in our group liked the food and the quick service but felt the sandwiches were a bit on the expensive side and weren’t filled enough. The toppings, though, are unlimited and they could have added more items to their pita pockets.

On another trip we decided to try their breakfast offerings and found these pleasing as well. The morning glory ($6.25) came with scrambled eggs, avocado, grilled tomatoes, onions and green peppers and hash browns. We added a little feta and had this on whole wheat. The grilled veggies, eggs and potatoes were good but even though we saw the avocado added it was lost on this sandwich.

We also sampled the awakin’ with bacon pita ($6.25) on white. It came with scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled onions and green peppers, hash browns and cheddar cheese. We didn’t add anything else and enjoyed the combo of grilled vegetables with crunchy bacon.

We also had a strawberry and pineapple smoothie ($4.65) made with vanilla yogurt that was very thick, filling and refreshing on a hot summer morning.