Galvez Seafood Company’s a great catch

Galvez Seafood Company was a busy place Saturday evening. Our server, Tina, juggled several tables, was often a speeding blur, but still managed to be friendly and helpful to our party of three.

When we ordered fried pickles as our appetizer, Tina suggested we try the fried pickle/fried jalapeno combo ($5.95). “They’re not that hot,” she said of the peppers. We agreed. Both the pickles and peppers were coated in a light batter and fried, done but not super-crispy. A ranch dipping sauce which tasted homemade was a nice cool complement to the little bit of heat the peppers did have. Delicious.

As we awaited our entrees, we sipped iced tea ($1.99, free refills) and took in the decor. Walls painted in a bright teal were offset by stained concrete flooring in muted tones. Seafood themed art, much of it done in copper, accented the walls. Several flat-screen televisions, all tuned to sporting events with the sound turned down, were placed around the dining room and adjacent bar. Also over at the bar, three colorful stuffed parrots hung from their perches.

A guest chose the catfish and shrimp platter ($12.95). A half-dozen shrimp were lightly coated in a flour-based batter and fried to doneness. The four or five pieces of fish were dipped in a cornmeal batter and also nicely fried. The seasoning was satisfying, such that the flavors of the seafood still dominated. Accompanying the seafood was an outstanding tartar sauce which also tasted homemade. The entree was accompanied by a side dish, in this case a fluffy baked potato, and a house salad. The substantial salad featured iceberg lettuce, chunks of tomato, slivers of carrot, purple cabbage and Cheddar cheese. We tried the blue cheese, Italian and ranch dressings and again, found they tasted fresh and homemade.

Another guest tried the stuffed crab platter ($13.95) which offered two well-stuffed crabs, nicely seasoned and with a good amount of crab in the stuffing. The French fries were hand-cut and also quite good.

We took the dinner special, seafood-stuffed redfish ($19.95), as a to-go order. The fish was nicely broiled and the stuffing filled with crab meat, and seasoned, but not spicy. The accompanying steamed vegetables had a pleasing, sweet flavor.

We also took home a slice of Mississippi mud pie ($4.95), which featured a rich graham cracker crust containing pecans with layers of chocolate pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream. The richness of the chocolate gave it almost a coffee flavor. All this was topped with more pecans. Yummy. The lemon berry marzipan cake (also $4.95) was likewise a winner. The thick slice of heavenly lemon cake was dotted with blueberries and had a creamy, sweet center filling of marzipan.