Snack on those extra eggs

What to do with the extra dozen eggs you bought for Easter and didn’t use? I pickled them with a can of beets and have been using them in salads. My grandsons like the eggs as a snack.

For the spicy flavored vinegar, boil it with onion, jalapeño peppers, a cinnamon stick if you have it and a generous amount of pickling spice. I strain the vinegar mixture before adding it to the boiled eggs and beets because I like that clear beautiful red color.

These eggs and beets are not canned or preserved enough to sit out on a counter; they have to be refrigerated.

Place the eggs and beets in a sterilized, wide-mouth, glass container with a tight fitting lid.

The eggs have to be completely covered with the vinegar mixture. Do not store them in a metal or plastic container.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at