Fresh Ideas: Dust off the grill for sliders with ground beef, pork

One of the best parts about spring is the chance to dust off the family grill. And, as the weather warms up, I like to take cooking outside whenever I can.

Unlike stove-top cooking, grilling savory meats over charcoal or gas not only keeps extra heat outside, but also adds complex and smoky flavors to burgers and steaks.

My current obsession is this recipe for BBQ Meatball Sliders (bite-sized burgers) made with a combination of ground beef and spicy pork.

In this recipe, burger patties can be made as spicy as you like.

Combine one part ground, spicy pork with one part ground beef, parsley, barbecue sauce and spices. Then, add dry seasoned bread crumbs, cheese and egg to hold the mixture together.

Can’t find spicy pork at your local grocery store? Try substituting regular ground pork mixed with 2 tablespoons cayenne, homemade chili powder or Louisiana hot sauce.

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