Fresh Ideas: Juice Detox blends healthful winter greens, sweet green apples

Green diet

We could all use more green in our diets. This recipe for a simple Green Juice Detox comes courtesy of my friend Alison Barker who first suggested we consume more green vegetables and fruits after Mardi Gras. Alison’s recipe has become a tradition every winter since.

While there are plenty of recipes for green juices, I like Alison’s for its blend of healthful winter greens and sweet green apples.

To make Alison’s version, use a standard centrifugal juicer to process fresh cucumber with curly kale, sweet green apples and spicy ginger.

Want more vitamins? Add additional green vegetables like celery, spinach and green peppers or fruits such as pears and citrus to increase this recipe’s values of iron and fiber.

Juicing is a wonderful way to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine, but it doesn’t quite beat the real thing — a large kale salad or slices of fresh apple.

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