Gourmet Galley: Variations on Bananas Foster

I’ll sometimes serve warm banana topping over ice cream when I have the family over. It’s a quick, simple and nonalcoholic version of Bananas Foster.

Instead of cutting the bananas lengthwise, as in the real recipe, I slice the bananas crosswise.

For a luscious adult treat, I make an alcoholic version which was in my mother’s recipe box.

The original Bananas Foster was created in Brennan’s Restaurant in the 1950s. Like so many of the wonderful classic dishes, cooks and chefs put their own spin on these recipes and it’s hard to know what the exact original was.

I doubt they measured the banana liqueur and rum out in a measuring cup back then.

I’ll say my mother’s recipe is a definite takeoff, or another version, of Bananas Foster since I have no idea where the recipe came from other than from that old recipe box.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.