Gourmet Galley: Garden bounty for balsamic chicken dish

Cynthia Burleigh Duhon, a longtime friend, sent me this recipe for Roasted Chicken and Vegetables With Balsamic Oil.

She had it baking in the oven as we spoke because a friend had just given her some squash and zucchini from his garden.

She added miniature eggplant pieces and bell peppers. The balsamic and olive oil mixture is sprinkled over chicken breasts and is also drizzled over the vegetables, adding another flavor dimension without adding too many calories.

The chicken and vegetables are cooked at the same time but in separate containers because the timing for cooking them may be different. Use a spoon to drizzle the balsamic mixture over the chicken and vegetables rather then using a dabbing mop or brush which could cross-contaminate.

Use any vegetable combination you have on hand: carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes or chunks of onions.