Try cooking shrimp in beer

I had forgotten about this simple shrimp in beer recipe until a friend reminded me of it last week. The peeled shrimp are cooked in beer for just a few minutes then they’re quickly sautéed in garlic-flavored olive oil, parsley and green onions.

Some of the reserved beer is added into the shrimp mixture to make a tasty sauce that toasted bread can be dipped into.

I like serving this dish with a green salad or various sliced or grilled vegetables. Once the shrimp are peeled and deveined, it takes only minutes to get this on the table.

Since the shrimp are peeled, they will cook quickly so be careful to not overcook them.

The time will depend on how cold they are when you put them into the simmering beer and how large the shrimp are, but they’re done as soon as they turn pink and look opaque.

You’re almost just blanching them in the beer because they will continue cooking in the olive oil mixture for another two to four minutes.

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