Pop peaches, peppers in your produce bins

Local farmers markets and vegetable stands are overflowing with great summer produce, making it easy to enjoy dishes with the freshest ingredients.

Among the peak-season produce available now are perfectly ripe, Louisiana-grown peaches, juicy red field tomatoes and peppers of all colors and sizes.

Baby or minivegetables also are emerging as new favorites among vegetable lovers. They have milder flavors and cook quicker than the larger versions. They are perfect for preparing on the grill. Use a grill basket and combine with sliced grape tomatoes. For a quick dish, toss with crushed garlic, a good olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

The recipe, Skillet-Grilled Mini Sweet Peppers and Mushrooms With Pesto from Prime Time International, is a stove-top recipe that uses tricolored minipeppers. The peppers are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin C. The recipe also includes lots of other fresh vegetables: mushrooms, onion and tomato.

A recipe from Emeril’s Delmonico restaurant in New Orleans highlights fresh peaches. Emeril’s Delmonico Peach Salad also features fresh arugula, bacon, ricotta salata cheese and pecans.