What a Crock! Easy Crockin’ Cook-off

Tawanda Weatherspoon rolled the filled slow cookers out on a dolly for the BancorpSouth Insurance Services/Wright and Percy “Easy Crockin’ Cook-off” in mid-May.

It was all part of a vision by the insurance company’s well-being committee to encourage employees to make their home-cooked dinners a little healthier and, secondly, to help make it easier for time-challenged cooks.

Weatherspoon and fellow committee members decided to offer a fun challenge to employees. The object was to create healthier meals in their slow cookers and cook them in the company kitchen/break room for a taste-testing lunch and friendly contest.

Several company cooks embraced the challenge, preparing everything from chili to soups.

“It was a great turnout,” Weatherspoon said

And people were still eating long after the contest was over.

“We wanted to show people that it’s not something you have to be in the kitchen for hours and hours to do and give them recipes they could put on while they did other things. Also ones that would be healthy and easy to fit into people’s busy lives,” she said.

Here’s one of the recipe standouts.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay1@cox.net.