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A healthy steak, yes, it exists! Well, kind of...

Associated Press photo by Matthew Mead -- Cauliflower is a veggie steak favorite, its flavor enhanced by the high heat of grilling or roasting, which coaxes out a sweet earthiness.

We finally live in a world where going meatless on Mondays can appeal to even the enthusiastic carnivore, which is why vegetable “steaks” are becoming increasingly popular. The concept is pretty simple. We cut up thick slices of veggies — often eggplant,… Continue reading →



Crawfish in White Sauce

Advocate photo by Teresa B. Day -- Crawfish in White Sauce

Advocate-Tested Recipe Crawfish in White Sauce Serves 8. Recipe is by Teresa B. Day. 1/2 stick butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 1 bell pepper,… Continue reading →



2016 Fiat 500X

Fiat introduces the AWD 500X for 2016, giving the Italian automaker an important new player in the small crossover segment. The newest Fiat sibling is a roomy hatchback more than 168 inches long and more than 75 inches wide, dwarfing the regular 500… Continue reading →

Real Estate

Classic Southern Style on Moss Side Lane

There are lots of beautiful homes on Moss Side Lane, a quiet thoroughfare that curves off Perkins Road near Quail Drive. One of them is at 5553 Moss Side Lane, a classic southern home that blends Acadian and old New Orleans styles into… Continue reading →