Monthly BASSIK show brings national dubstep artists to N.O.

If you live in southeast Louisiana and you're a fan of electronic music, BASSIK is likely already on your radar. It's a monthly event organized by Winter Circle Productions in New Orleans, the same group that produces BUKU Music + Art Project. BASSIK took off in 2010, just as bass heavy electronic music was starting to extend its roots into North America.

"We started off doing smaller shows wanting to bring through artists that we liked," Reeves Price, co-founder of Winter Circle Productions and BASSIK, said. "We've by no means introduced electronic music to New Orleans. In the '90s, some of the biggest raves in the days of the rave were going on there. We started to do shows and it built back up-kind of like, 'If you build it, they will come.'"

BASSIK shows usually bring in the biggest acts in dubstep, which is a type of bass heavy electronic music. In the last three years, the BASSIK stage has been graced by heavy hitters like NERO, DJ Shadow, GRiZ and Flux Pavilion.

"We had Rusko come through way before he was at this level, and DATSIK and Excision. A lot of people didn't know those artists yet," Price said. "We've been fortunate. Everyone that fits the bill has played BASSIK."

BASSIK's following has grown to such a level that it attracts crowds from neighboring states. On the stage side, the event sets up local electronic artists with a chance to open for international stars and shine in front of a packed dance floor.

"It's about supporting local musicians more than anything else," Price said.

With that said, there is no lack of electronic shows in the area. On any given weekend, you'll find neon garbed, glow stick wielding ravers invading several clubs around New Orleans for their fix of face-melting bass beats. What's intriguing about BASSIK is its relentless pursuit of cutting edge sound and light technology to one-up itself each month.

"It's a way for us to make a brand of having good shows with the highest production value," Price said. "We wanna see new fans come out and have a good time."

This month's event is a rare uptown show featuring PANTyRAiD, a collaboration between Martin "MartyParty" Folb and Josh "Ooah" Mayer. The duo comes together once a year to explore a completely different craft of dance music than their individual creations. For six years, PANTyRAiD has thrown sensational sold-out parties in the hottest venues across the United States. Their latest album, PillowTalk, was released May 2013. Although industrial hip-hop is a familiar sound in dubstep, RAiD spins it in a way that even the lowest wobbles and the highest squeals find a way to embed themselves in the listeners' bones.

July's BASSIK show opens with Louisiana's own bounce-and-bass artist Quickie Mart on July 20 at Tipitina's. For more information on the show, go to

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