Kelly Love Jones to perform at Vaso

Singer/songwriter Kelly Love Jones embraces the cultural richness of her native New Orleans in her unique mixture of reggae, soul and hip-hop.

Jones will perform Wednesday, July 17, at Vaso, 500 Frenchmen St., in New Orleans from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. There is no cover charge. Details are still being worked out, Jones said, but the set will be either a duet or trio performance with a decidedly acoustic vibe.

No doubt, Jones' hometown of New Orleans has influenced her sound and made it easy for her to continue to pursue a career in music.

"Everything in New Orleans influences my music. Just the abundance of culture all around puts it in my heart," Jones said. "Having a city that is so welcoming to music as an art form makes it easy as a life choice. Here, you see, it's everywhere."

Jones performs mostly in New Orleans doing a lot of solo acoustic guitar sets. She also is focused on her newest project with drummer James Alsanders, and things are coming together even better than planned.

Jones worked with Alsander more than 10 years ago in her first band, Love Jones. Alsanders plays the cajon, a box-shaped percussion instrument.

When they first met, Alsanders approached and asked Jones to do one song with his jazz band. She agreed, and before long, they were doing two songs and then three.

"Before we knew it, we had a whole set," Jones said.

Since reconnecting, Jones and Alsanders have been playing together again around New Orleans and are working out details to start another band.

Jones is also in the process of creating a new album with Alsanders as co-producer. Her previous project, "Portrait of a Solo Artist," was released in 2008.

Jones wrote all the lyrics for her new album, and Alsanders is working on the musical arrangements.

As Jones explains, she sings and plays acoustically and then Alsanders puts the rhythm behind it.

They are planning to go into the studio in late August.

"All of a sudden these little pieces started to come together," Jones said as she explained how the new album originated. "I've always wanted to manifest this really great project."

Jones and Alsanders will perform at Vaso on Wednesday with possibly a third person on tuba.

"It's a really nice club with open space, room to sit down or you can dance," Jones said of Vaso. "It should be really fun."

And, look for Jones' 4-year-old son, Skye, to appear on stage at some point with his mother.

As Jones explains, he's been on stage "since the belly" and will join her whenever he feels the music.

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