The Ready Set goes pop in New Orleans

"I've never felt like I've fit in too well," Witzigreuter said. "I feel too poppy for rock, too rocky for pop sometimes."

The 23-year-old Witzigreuter tours with a band, but he's more than just the singer/songrwriter. He creates the complete topography of the performance from the drum beats to the keyboard rhythm.

"I love writing my own music. For me, it's making the music and doing melodies first. Depending on the way everything sounds, the lyrics come second. It's challenging to find topics that are relatable to people, but not cheesy."

Witzigreuter grew up in the '90s when skateboarding and the X Games were just taking center stage, and the blending of punk and pop saw its inception.

"I started playing drums when I was 11," Witzigreuter said. "I was listening to Green Day, Blink 182 and Rise Against. Way different than what I do now. I was even into more hard core stuff like Comeback Kid. Singing was always a challenge for me-drums came way easier."

Witzigreuter kept up his passion and practice throughout high school, and after graduating he had a tough decision to make between continuing his education and following his dreams.

"I went to college for a couple months," Witzigreuter said. "The whole time I was in college I was working on music for The Ready Set. At that point, I had a plan and I was ready to get out and tour."

Since 2008, The Ready Set has released three full-length albums, four extended play CDs and has had six hit singles. "Love Like Woe," his very first single, hit platinum in 2010. This year his tribute song to Taylor Swift, "For the Better," has taken airwaves by storm and is a Top 20 hit on pop radio.

His newest album comes out later this summer and will be followed by a relentless sixty-day North American tour. Even though Witzigreuter will be playing almost every day in July and August, he is quite comfortable on the road.

"I've been touring consistently for the past five years," he said. "We got to play in Manila, Philippines last year and the crowd was amazing. It was really mind-blowing to see that many people so far away be into my music."

In the past, Witzigreuter has toured with Carly Rae Jepsen, All American Rejects and the blockbuster boy band from United Kingdom, The Wanted. However, there is one particular R&B/pop collaboration that would make The Ready Set's success infinitely sweeter.

"Best case scenario," he said, "if I could play a show with Prince, that would be amazing."

The Ready Set plays at the House of Blues in New Orleans on July 9. For more information, go to

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