Musician Moment With: Black Joe Lewis

Background: Black Joe Lewis broke into the music industry at 20 years old. Inspired by neighbors in a country band that was about to go on tour, Lewis pulled a guitar down from the pawn shop wall where he worked and learned how to play.

The Band: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears came together in 2008. The current line-up consists of Lewis (vocals and guitar) Bill Stevenson (bass), Eduardo Torres (drums), Jason Fry (sax), Joe Wollard (sax) and Derek Phelps (trumpet).

Albums: The band’s debut album, “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!,” was released in 2009. Their follow-up, “Scandalous,” was released in 2011. As for their third album, Lewis said, “We just finished recording, and it’s in the works. I hope for a summer release.”

Lagniappe: Lewis, who is quickly rising in popularity, is often referred to as the reincarnation of James Brown.

“It’s an honor to be compared,” Lewis said. “I just try to do my own thing and let people make their judgment.”

The show: You can check out Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears at One Eyed Jacks’s on May 3 and May 4. For more information about the band, visit their official website at

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