‘Silent Hill: Revelation’ an unworthy sequel

Six years after the first “Silent Hill” thriller was released, “Silent Hill: Revelation,” the next chapter in this creepy and complex story, comes to theaters. “Silent Hill: Revelation” will make the audience jump in fright, but unfortunately accomplishes very little else because of its rather mundane plot.

“Silent Hill: Revelation” tells the story of Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Harry (Sean Bean). It has been six years since Sharon’s mother traveled to the eerie town of “Silent Hill” to uncover her adopted daughter’s past. In this previous story, Sharon was released from the town, but her mother remained trapped.

Sharon, who has now changed her name to Heather, is having trouble keeping her reality and dreams separate from each other. A child’s birthday party becomes an evil scene in which children are demonic creatures that eat flesh burgers. In fact, these visual scares come every couple of minutes, which are definitely an exciting experience in 3-D, but in a normal theater, could become almost obnoxious.

The storyline of this thriller is quite difficult to follow as well. Even though it definitely leaves an open possibility for a third production, the story doesn’t go anywhere. Those who haven’t seen the first installment will be lost throughout this film.

Honestly, those who have seen the first film may still find themselves rather confused. New concepts are brought to light in this film including a new “order,” which is basically a cult-like group of people living in the town and trying to rid the world of sin and evil.

Although the graphics were realistic and the creatures were notably frightening, “Silent Hill: Revelation” didn’t solve enough unanswered questions from the first film to be considered an anticipated sequel. Tables turn and plots twist as the audience’s mind tries to decipher what is even going on. “Silent Hill: Revelation” is certainly not worth the theater experience.

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