Quick Review: ‘Fun Size’

In “Fun Size,” Wren Desantis (Victoria Justice), an attractive and intelligent girl gets invited to a Halloween party by Aaron Riley (Thomas McDonell), a dim-witted hunk that attends the same school as she does. Unfortunately for Wren, her mother Joy (Chelsea Handler) also has plans to attend a Halloween party that evening and Wren is forced to take her younger brother Albert (Jackson Nicoll) trick-or-treating.

Unfortunately, Albert decides to run off and Wren is forced to enlist the aid of her best friend April (Jane Levy) and two nerdy kids, Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and Peng (Osric Chau), to help her locate her missing brother before her mother finds out was has happened.

The Good Stuff: Although he never says a word, Albert provides the comic relief in this film. The little guy is hysterical. The rest of the characters are also believable and relatable. We have all had family members that we sometimes want to disown. We have all had high school crushes, first loves, and/or first kisses. We have all wanted to go to that can’t-miss party.

Of course, we don’t all lose little kids dressed in Spider-Man costumes and cause mass amounts of property damage, but you get the point.

The Annoying Stuff: The movie is formulaic and safe. More deviation from the general teen movie would have gone a long way in making this a much better film. Also, Johnny Knoxville, who is supposed to be the bully, is more annoying than intimidating.

The Final Verdict: This film teaches the viewer lessons about discovery and the importance of family. The movie has comedy, romance, and even a little drama. Although “Fun Size” doesn’t come up very big, it is definitely worth checking out in the theater.

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