‘Hotel Transylvania’ a spooky good time

Finally, a comical yet spooky story for children and adults alike comes to theaters. “Hotel Transylvania” creates a fresh perspective on the well-known monsters from everyone’s past. While the audience will find themselves chuckling out loud, they will also hear a touching storyline about a single father and his vampire daughter.

Dracula (Adam Sandler) has invited monsters from around the world to stay at his tucked-away hotel paradise while celebrating his daughter’s 118th birthday. Hidden away from the human world all of her life, Mavis (Selena Gomez), now wants to explore outside of her father’s hotel, but Dracula convinces her that humans are dangerous creatures. When Dracula finds out that Jonathan (Andy Samberg) has entered the hotel, he does everything he can to keep Jonathan’s human identity a secret, not only to uphold the hotel’s reputation for being “human free,” but also to keep his daughter safe.

The plot develops rapidly, but it is simple enough for children to follow and understand with no crazy twists and turns. Although the back story of Dracula’s wife might be a bit confusing for the little ones, Dracula summarizes it quickly and the jokes and laughter pick right back up.

Adults will enjoy that “Hotel Transylvania,” transforms the traditional tale of Dracula into a heartbreaking story about losing his wife and trying to raise his daughter with the best of intentions.

This movie brings together a hysterical cast of voices that include not only Sandler and Samberg, but also Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Fran Drescher, and Jon Lovitz. Each voice fits perfectly with its character, bringing Frankenstein and the Invisible Man, among other old favorites, to life.

One of the most enjoyable characters is the Wolf Man (Steve Buscemi), who portrays a stressed father of multiple disobedient and energetic children.

Still, the best thing about “Hotel Transylvania” is the remarkable skills it possesses to make children and their parents laugh at the same time.

The only possible downside of this film is that the few scary bits might frighten small children. Dracula jumps out at the screen a couple times, making even the adults in the audience jump back. “Hotel Transylvania” is definitely not for every age group, but it’s an enjoyable film worthy of a fun family outing at the theater.

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