‘Torchlight 2’ delivers good RPG fun

Once upon a time in a sleepy little village named Torchlight there came a quirky little fellow known as The Alchemist. Arriving in town he quickly realized all was not right. The people were frightened, and a massive battle was under way near the entrance to the Ember Mines.

The Alchemist threw himself into the battle, pledging to help the townspeople. He was oblivious to the fact that he had just entwined himself into the most chaotic and twisted tale -- one that would take him far below Torchlight in pursuit of the Heart of Ordrak. And one that would later infect him with Ember Blight which would invariably lead him to destroy the very town he had sworn to help.

The plot for “Torchlight 2,” a multiplayer action-RPG by Runic Games, picks up where the first game left off. You choose between four character classes: The Engineer (Melee), The Outlander (Ranged), The Berserker (Savage) or The Embermage (Spellcaster) each of whose sole purpose is to hunt down The Alchemist, the destroyer of Torchlight; and remove his blight from the face of the world.

Along the way, you will encounter many quests in both breathtaking, above-world areas and dank, monster-infested, randomly created dungeons.

But take heart -- you shall not have to brave this perilous world alone. You can join with up to six friends either by LAN or via Online Multiplayer.

Each player receives his own randomly generated loot, so loot splitting isn’t a hassle. Further, you will notice right away that there is always new and better gear to discover, giving fuel to your playtime and adding the same addictive quality that all games in this genre possess.

As your character conquers different levels in “Torchlight 2,” you will get five points to place in your statistics and one point to place in your skills. The skill trees for each class have quite a bit of variety. So you will have plenty with which to experiment. As you gain fame in the game for killing bosses and completing quests, you can also gain extra skill points as a reward. Once spent, you can always decide to undo your last three spent skill points by speaking to the proper character back in town.

Overall, I found “Torchlight 2” extremely fun and well above the original in both story and adventure, with the added bonus on multiplayer. I dare say I found it as much fun as “Diablo 2.” So if you are looking for an addictive, loot-teasing, optional multiplayer experience action RPG, then give it try.

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