Mike Tillman: Armchair quarterback for Oct. 11, 2013

Mike Tillman Show caption
Mike Tillman

On The Advocate’s sports pages you’ll find the serious predictions for the LSU game. This forecast comes from our armchair QB, Mike Tillman, a teacher by day and extremely dedicated LSU fan by weekend.

“Imagine for a moment that Les Miles falls asleep inside the garden department at the local Home Depot (and come on, you know this has happened before) and wakes up to this analysis of Saturday’s game: A top ranked defense and a sputtering offense against a team that needs to ring up points faster than their defense allows them. Sounds like a typical LSU-Florida game, right Les? I can only hope that Les munches on enough tasty Bermuda blades to realize that Florida has the best defense LSU will play this year and will reveal just how much the Tiger offense has grown. Thankfully for the Tiger faithful, it’s enough to outpace any lingering defensive woes. Zach Mettenberger’s stats are tempered this week, but look for Jeremy Hill to make hay in the second half of a 35-24 win.”