Mike Tillman: Armchair quarterback for Sept. 27, 2013

Mike Tillman Show caption
Mike Tillman

On The Advocate’s sports pages you’ll find the serious predictions for the LSU game. This forecast comes from our armchair quarterback Mike Tillman, a teacher by day and extremely dedicated LSU fan by weekend.

“… Oh how can I possibly allude to Zach Mettenberger’s Georgia past without mentioning his … past? Much has been made this week of LSU quarterback Mettenberger’s return to Georgia Saturday. As long as he keeps his eyes on the Georgia pass rush and his hands on the football he should lead the Tigers out of Athens with a clean record. The Bulldogs have some offensive firepower of their own with Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley, but expect the Tiger defensive line to hit on Gurley often enough to give the Georgia rushing attack an early closing time. This is a tight game until the third quarter when Mettenberger finally gets lucky and scores on a deep ball to Odell Beckham Jr. Jeremy Hill grinds away the clock and the Tigers escape the hedges with a tough 27-21 win.”