‘Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield’ comes to LSU with his Twitter magic

‘Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield’ comes to LSU with his

Adam Trent is waiting for you to tweet him.

No joke, though his magic show is filled with them. Lots of music and dancing, too.

And if you’re sitting in the right spot at the right time, you may be invited to join him.

But first, he’s taking requests on twitter at @adamtrentmagic spelling out, in 140 characters or less, the magic tricks you’d like to see in his Thursday performance in the LSU Union Theater.

Of course, reality dictates that he will be able to honor only one or two of these requests.

“But I will read all of them,” Trent says. “All of my shows have something different in them, and this is part of what makes them different.”

Trent is speaking from his home in Los Angeles, where he moved from his native Boulder, Colo., to attend Loyola Marymount University. He’s 28 and has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. He’s also traveled the world.

And though magic made much of this possible, Trent didn’t wave a magic wand to make it happen.

The magician started working on his act at age 10. He was performing in local theaters by age 15, and by 21, his act was described as “Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield.”

In 2010, he performed on a cruise line that brought him to 19 countries. In 2012, he was a featured performer on France’s popular television show, “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde,” and later that year he did his magic on The Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up!” He also appears on Disney’s “Shake It Up! Live 2 Dance” album.

His upcoming appearance in Baton Rouge is only miles from his family in New Orleans, specifically relatives on his mother’s side. Trent visited them many times while growing up.

“I went to New Orleans, but I’ve never been to Baton Rouge,” he says. “The last time I was in Louisiana, I became really interested in zydeco music. Now I’m looking for someone to teach me zydeco dancing.”

When it comes to the tweeted requests, they will be woven into a tapestry of laughter, dancing and Trent’s personal history with magic, which begins with a few tricks he taught himself at age 9. He says he was inspired by a David Copperfield, and amazed by what the famous magician could pull off on stage, so much that he began checking out library books on magic.

“I didn’t talk about it at school,” says Trent, who was admittedly shy. “When I started doing magic shows, it was like an out-of-body experience. It was like I was watching myself performing on stage. But my friends really didn’t know about it.”

Trent began with basic magic tricks and started staging birthday party shows at age 10. At 13, he brought his act to local events, and by 15, he was a featured performer in theaters.

“I start off the show with some of my earliest tricks to show the audience where I started out,” Trent says. “But that will not include pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I just want everyone to know now that I have never owned a rabbit. I have never pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and I will never do that trick.”

But what he will do is pull audience members onto the stage to help him with feats.

“I have different ways of choosing audience members for this,” he says. “But I always ask someone who really wants to come up and help. I’ll never force anyone to get on stage with me.”

The point, he says, is to have fun, never to embarrass. And there is lots of fun to be had, especially through the show’s comedy, a skill honed by performing in Los Angeles’ comedy clubs.

His dancing, meantime, captures the energy of Michael Jackson’s.

“And I tell a lot of stories,” Trent says. “Personal stories. Performing has taught me how to relate to people of different ages and backgrounds. Performing on the cruise ship was the greatest practice I could get. This show can go in front of any audience.”

Even an audience that includes Trent’s New Orleans relatives, who will be at the Baton Rouge show, watching as Trent weaves a few Louisiana requests into his magic.