Video: Triumph Kitchen moves to a new home

Advocate photo by KEVIN MCQUARN -- Chris Wadsworth, founder of Triumph Kitchen, teaches students to prepare fish lunches at Modern Meals located at 2921 Government St .

Chris Wadsworth, founder of the educational venue Triumph Kitchen, talks about the school's move to its new home in Modern Meals located at 2921 Government St. Wadsworth also discusses the success of his students and how his past pushed him to found the… Continue reading →

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Review: Batman takes epic final flight in ‘Arkham Knight’

Photo provided by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. --  In the new video game, 'Batman: Arkham Knight,' Scarecrow has returned on Halloween night to threaten Gotham with a citywide chemical attack.

Rocksteady Studios proved with 2009’s “Batman: Arkham Asylum” that a video game inspired by superhero mythology could be an impeccably cerebral affair, not just another name association money grab. The company affirmed that with the 2011 follow-up, “Batman: Arkham City,”… Continue reading →