Comedian Brian Regan brings tour to Baton Rouge

Photo by Brian Friedman --Brian Regan

Whether he’s quipping about his ongoing battle with the bathroom scale, that unfortunate soul manning the airport’s lost luggage office, or the over-categorization at the greeting card store, comedian Brian Regan cracks you up. The veteran funnyman sells out shows around the country, recently popped up in the Chris Rock feature film project “Top Five,”… Continue reading →


Bayou Corne’s collapse among sinkholes examined by NOVA

Photo provided by WGBH -- The Bayou Corne sinkhole, seen here in October 2012, will be one of the suibjects of PBS' NOVA installment,, 'Sinkholes-Buried Alive.'

As Jeffrey Bush slept in his Florida home, a sinkhole opened beneath his bed one night in February 2013 and pulled him into the depths, never to be seen again. An entire community was abandoned in Pilatos, Spain, in the 1970s because… Continue reading →


Street Performer Series: Dancer Jennifer Jones

Advocate photo by KEVIN MCQUARN --- Jennifer Jones, daughter of the legendary musician Joe Jones, is a New Orleans street performer. She has been performing for nearly 10 years.

Jennifer Jones, daughter of the legendary musician Joe Jones, has been a New Orleans street performer for nearly 10 years. One of the last things her father said to her before his death was to “heal the people.” Jones believes that by making… Continue reading →


Hollywood sign seekers disrupt neighborhood

Apps, maps and blogs are helping tourists find their way up curvy roads in search of the best view of the iconic Hollywood Sign. But the increased congestion is driving frustrated residents to take action.… Continue reading →


Revisiting a trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras: Paul McCartney recalls ‘My Carnival’ on ‘Venus and Mars’ re-release

Photo by -- Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, dressed as clowns for Mardi Gras, 1975

During the 1975 Carnival season in New Orleans, Paul McCartney celebrated his first and only Mardi Gras. Forty years ago this month, McCartney, his wife, Linda, and members of the former Beatle’s 1970s band, Wings, flew to New Orleans… Continue reading →

Entertainment & Calendars

Getting their kicks: Get ready to smile at Of Moving Color’s ‘Kick it Out’ show

Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- Marlon Grigsby, left, and Rebecca Sawyer practice their steps -- the smiles comes naturally -- to 'A Wink and a Smile' for Of Moving Colors' upcoming 'Kick It Out.'

Smiles are contagious in the studio on Sunday afternoons. That’s when the cast of 80 youngsters gathers in the Powell Moise School of Dance to rehearse for Of Moving Colors’ annual community show “Kick It Out.” The show… Continue reading →

Video Games

‘Zelda,’ ‘Batman’ among anticipated games due in 2015

Photo provided by Nintendo -- Developers for 'The Legend of Zelda' promise that Link’s actions will have the ability to reshape his fantasy world.

Link, Master Chief, Batman and Nathan Drake will be back in action. The leading men are among the protagonists starring in totally new video game installments in 2015, joined by newcomers like a team of intergalactic… Continue reading →


‘Other People’s Money’: TBR production examines morality while rooting for all evil

Photo provided by KENNETH MAYFIELD -- Kevin Harger, center, plays Lawrence Garfinkle, a corporate raider, while Brian Hales, right, is the CEO of the company he wants to take over in 'Other People's Money' at Theatre Baton Rouge. Robert Gautreau, left, portrays the company's president.

When the entertainment industry jerked its collective knee in outrage at corporate raiders and financial shenanigans in the late 1980s, Michael Douglas’ portrayal of Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” created a poster boy for all that was perceived as wrong with high-stakes stock… Continue reading →


Ex-literary agency aide makes nonfiction debut with ‘Salinger Year’

'My Salinger Year' by Joanna Rakoff

“My Salinger Year” by Joanna Rakoff. Knopf, 2014. $25.95. Joanna Rakoff’s nonfiction debut chronicles her year spent as the assistant to the head of a literary agency in Manhattan in the late 1990s. The agency’s… Continue reading →