Smiley: Wretched excess

By smiley anders

Sara Horn says she wanted son Caleb, 12, a seventh-grade student at Northwestern Middle in Zachary, to “do something fun and a little out of the norm” to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of school.

She also wanted him to have something to tell his dad about — dad Cliff, a Seabee with a Navy Reserve detachment out of New Orleans, left a few weeks ago for his third deployment, this time to Afghanistan.

So she and Caleb came up with a fun activity — one that would be hard to forget.

Caleb and his friends visited Zachary’s Sonic Drive-in on Friday and tried ALL 25 flavors of milkshakes.

Says Sara: “I had them fill out rating cards for each one. Let’s just say it got tougher by No. 15 or 16.

“Some of their favorites were coconut cream pie, caramel and strawberry banana. The worst? Peanut butter bacon and peanut butter-and-jelly.

“The Zachary Sonic staff told us we were the first ones they knew of to come in and try all 25 at their particular location.”

She says the staff got a kick out of the milkshake marathon, and presented Caleb with a poster featuring their 25 shakes.

Pictures of the milkshake adventure are on her blog,

I would guess Caleb’s stomachache will last until his dad comes home …

Horse sense

Jess Walker says, “It seems that with increasing frequency letters exchanged with a friend in the state of Washington contain thoughts about mutual acquaintances who are on their last legs or have just died.

“In his most recent letter, he mentioned that when he gets to thinking about aging and the inevitable, he is reminded of what U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, had to say when asked how he felt: ‘I am the healthiest horse in the glue factory.’ ”

Remembering Slim

Johnny Palazzotto is gathering material on the great Louisiana bluesman James “Slim Harpo” Moore.

He wants to contact readers who have pictures of Slim Harpo playing the Acadian Club or LSU fraternities or sororities, or have personal experiences to relate.

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Looking for stuff

Contact museum director Elizabeth Brantley at (225) 687-7197.

Special People Dept.

Oh say, can you see?

Jim McCormack says Phil Cypriano tells this one on himself.

Looking for some reading glasses for occasional use, he found a pair at a discount store at what seemed to be a very good price.

When he brought them to the cashier and she said, “That’ll be $21,” Phil protested that they were marked $2.50.

“No, 2.50 is the strength of the lenses,” she said. “You really DO need glasses!”

The right stuff

Robert Begnaud says our seminar on wine names reminds him of his past experiments making beer and wine:

“I decided to create labels for ‘Robere’s Just Right Wine,’ indicating that if the wine were worse tasting you would not be able to drink it, and if it were any better I would have kept it for myself.”

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