Cage fighting at Raxx in Erwinville

By Angela Chustz-Parent

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Rumble at Raxx 20, photo provided by Raxx Bisto, Bar and Casino in Erwinville
Rumble at Raxx 20, photo provided by Raxx Bisto, Bar and Casino in Erwinville

“We have been promoting MMA for eight years between Port Allen and Erwinville,” Troy Carruth, President of RUF, said.

RUF is known for showcasing local talent from mainly the West Baton Rouge area. Many of the MMA fighters who fight on the events are from Erwinville, Port Allen, Bruly, and Addis.

“This is going to be a good fight card with some exciting fights lined up,” James Georgetown, matchmaker for RUF said. “On one side of the fight card, most fighters will be coming from my gym and team, PBA Hard Hitters – PBA standing for Port Allen, Bruly, and Addis. I have some really sharp fighters coming from Texas to compete against some of our hometown guys along with some really entertaining matches to keep your eyes on.”

One of those entertaining matches is the super heavyweight matchup that will bring close to a 600 pounds into the cage.

Amateur MMA fighter Rob Davis (“Big Rob”), a 300-pound powerhouse striker from the PBA Hard Hitters, will be making his debut on Saturday night against 6-5, 280 pound kickboxer Dax Moore of Fort Worth. These two super heavyweights will be going toe-to-toe in a cage-shattering strike only match.

“This is going to be one exciting fight to see,” Carruth said. “With 600 pounds in the cage and it being a strike only match, it’s definitely going to be entertaining.”

The RUF amateur bantamweight championship belt is also on the line between Jose Soto from Fort Worth and Larry Jackson from Leesville. Both fighters are going in with an undefeated record, which means one is coming out with a loss and the other with a championship belt.

“I predict that this championship fight will be one of the best fights of the night, if not the Fight of the Night,” Carruth said.

The main event will be an exciting one as heavyweight, Dwight “Killa” Gipson from Lufkin, Texas is back in a bout that could lead to at title shot for the RUF professional heavyweight title. Gipson defeated popular hometown fighter Taz Hendricks in the RUF 19 event with a shocking knockout.

Gipson will be fighting PBA Hard Hitter Chris Seifert. Seifert is known for his exceptional ground game.

“My first art was Brazilian jiu jitsu, but I was never passionate about using the Gi [traditional uniform], so it seemed a natural course to add wrestling and boxing to the mix,” Seifert said.

This main event fight will be an entertaining fight as these two go to war for a chance to compete for the RUF professional heavyweight championship in upcoming months.

“I know that he is a ground guy, but I am not going to think about that going into the fight,” Gipson said. “I want to make this a one round war. I think I will either knock him out or submit him. I heard that Chris is a good fighter, but my goal is to take the heavyweight and light heavyweight belt from whoever has it.”

Fights start at 8 p.m. Tickets start at $15 for advance general admission. They will be $20 at the door. To purchase tickets, go to or call 225-627-2771.